Vitoria 2013 – Re-enactors

For the 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Vitoria on 21st June 2013, I travelled to Vitoria in Spain. My main focus was to visit the battlefield which covered the whole of the plain at Vitoria. As a consequence, and because of my short stay, I was unable to see the many re-enactments that took place. Sadly too, my camera developed a fault and I often had to rely on my ‘phone. Some of these photographs, and  some taken on the battlefield and of objects at the Vitoria Army museum, will be placed in the context of William Gavin’s account of the battle soon. I will also add  links to some excellent photographs and videos taken by others of various re-enactments.

These are photographs were taken at a commemorative service in the centre of the plain at Vitoria, in Vitoria town centre, and outside the Museo de Armeria de Alava